Venus Agrafe Brut Nature Millesime 2014

A blend of Chardonnay (86%), Pinot Noir (14%), this Venus Agrafe Brut Nature Millesime 2024 is very lively and delightfully fresh with a ripe fruit of white and yellow peach on the nose and a hint of saltiness.


Le Lude is the pioneer South African winery to produce the artisanal Agrafé bottle fermented Cap Classique. This method involves fermenting wine under cork instead of crown cap. The cork is secured with a metal staple called an Agraffe. Fermentation under cork imparts a unique and integrated aroma profile and texture.

Our grapes are hand-harvested in the early morning for freshness, using shallow picking crates to prevent berry bruising. They are transported in refrigerated trucks to our Franschhoek cellar and packed in a cold room to reach 5°C before pressing starts. The juice is settled for three days before being racked off the sediment.

The clean juice is inoculated with yeast and undergoes a cool fermentation. No lees contact is given post fermentation and malolactic fermentation is prevented. Once we have our final still base wines, continuous blending trials and tastings determine the final blend. Careful consideration is made to produce an elegant wine with structure and length.

The wine is bottled under cork for secondary fermentation. In the underground caves, the Agrafé is left undisturbed to age on the lees. During ageing, the
yeast cells release complex compounds that contribute to the richness and typical brioche character found in Cap Classique. Limited releases and constant monitoring
ensure that the perfect dosage is given before the wine is closed with the final cork and Agrafé.

Ten years on the lees yet still very lively and delightfully fresh. Ripe fruit of white and yellow peach on the nose with a hint of saltiness.

With multiple layers and great length, this wine shows a perfect balance.


Simply divine with Orangerie’s Traditional French Onion Soup and Steamed West Coast Mussels, as well as the Gruyere Soufflé.

CULTIVARS: Chardonnay 86%, Pinot Noir 14%
VINTAGE: 2014 100%
ORIGIN: Bonnievale 43%, Franschhoek 35%, Roberston 14%, Plettenberg Bay 8%

Bottling Date: 04/12/2014
Disgorgement Date: 24/11/2023
Sur latte / Maturation: 10 years
TA:6.4g/L pH:3.17

Weight 0.75 kg
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