Gift Card Redeem

Instructions for redeeming a gift card below:

  1. Login below using the email address and password.
  2. On the right, enter the gift card number into the “ENTER GIFT CARD COUPON” field and click the button below labelled “FETCH GIFTCARD DETAILS”. All gift card voucher/coupon codes begin with “ORANGERIE” followed by a few more numbers/letters.
  3. This will then display the balance left on the card in the orange field above where you entered the gift card number in step 2.
  4. If there is balance on the card, simply scroll down in the box to the section titled REDEEM and enter the FULL gift card value that displayed in step 3 above. If you wish to make some sort of note about the redeeming of the card, you can optionally enter this into the CUSTOM NOTE section. But not necessary otherwise.
  5. Finally, click the REDEEM button in order to redeem the submit the card number and thereby declare the gift card as used so that it can never be used again in future.

NOTE: All gift cards are set to only be used ONCE regardless of whether there is money left on the card or not. Cards can only be used ONCE so encourage users to use the full amount available to them 1st and only time.


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