Harvest 2024

Pinot Noir

In our 13th harvest, Le Lude Estate’s commitment to winemaking shines through careful hand-picking, an ideal climate, and nature’s care for vibrant grapes. Balanced sun and rain promise an excellent vintage.

As we say goodbye to sun-soaked days in December and January, we rejoice in the exceptional conditions for grape cultivation during this warm, dry spell. The climate, perfect for grapes, ensures concentrated fruit and rich flavours.

Despite hot days from December to January, the cool night winds benefit our grapes. The consistent nightly breeze on the Estate results in healthy, vibrant vines ready to produce the best of Le Lude.

In recent weeks, our cellar has been busy as tons of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir move from vine to barrel. Anticipating another outstanding Le Lude vintage, we remain committed to excellence in every drop.

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